Content Management Systems

Carpe Diem provide Content Management Systems

Carpe Diem’s range of content management systems allows clients to control what appears on their own websites.

These days everyone knows how important it is to add new content to your website as regularly as possible. For clients who have little or no web development skills, that’s where a content management system (CMS) comes in.

Carpe Diem offers a number of different content management systems, all of which are easy to use. They require little technical knowledge, can be accessed from any web browser and are ideal for people who want to make regular changes to the text, images, documents or links on their site. The system can even be used to create HTML emails, SMS and MMS messages to be sent out to customers.

Off-the-shelf systems are available, whether it’s one that enables users to have complete control of their site or one that needs less functionality. A purpose-built CMS can even be built from scratch for clients who need a more customised solution.

The Carpe Diem CMS is very user friendly. Controlled via a web interface, it allows clients to update or publish fresh content or add new pages using predesigned templates and without having to format text or resize graphics. Users can even see how the page will look, before it goes live.

No HTML knowledge is needed and only one to two hours training per user is needed to understand the system.

It’s a scalable solution too, with different levels of authority including editor, sub editor and correspondent as well as users who have read-only access to the site.

Some of our Content Management Systems projects: