Transform Cosmetic Surgery CMS Website

The Brief

Transform Cosmetic Surgery is a leading provider of cosmetic surgery services in the UK. Carpe Diem was asked to redevelop the Transform website to some very strict guidelines. These included selecting a content management system (CMS) specifically suited to Transform’s requirements including full SEO integration and usability testing. The previous Transform website was focus group tested to discover what worked well and what didn’t. These invaluable findings fed directly into the website rebuild and allowed us invaluable insight into the User Experience that was needed for customers to feel confident in making a booking online. A website audit tracked down dead links and pages that had been unused over time, allowing the creation of a tighter, more defined site map with maximum ease of navigation and optimisation for search engines and user interaction (UI). Copy was written specifically to perform for search engines and additional code added for the same purpose. Development continued post launch to maintain the site’s strong new position, with Carpe Diem successfully completing all web design and web development aspects of the project.

The Solution

By working with Transform closely we were able to really understand their needs and the customers needs who would be using the site. We considered a range of Content Management Systems and opted for an open source solution that was customised to their specific needs. In addition, we integrated a bespoke XML data sync that linked to their in-house call centre, ensuring that enquiries were immediately dealt with. Several analytics platforms were integrated to allow us to monitor inbound marketing, SEO and PPC activity, so that we could further optimise the website and drive ROI. The results speak for themselves: Referrals increased by over 80%. Site dwell times increased by over 200%. Bounce rate decreased by over 300%. If you want to improve your online conversions, then why not give us a call and speak with one of our UX/UI experts, design and development team? +44 (0) 1925 299842 or email us on <a href=""></a>